Restore your Metal

Everbrite Coating

Everbrite Coating is a tough, durable, clear protective coating that will restore the color and luster of faded metals, and protects metals from tarnish, rust, corrosion, fading, chalking, oxidation and even UV rays. You can use Everbrite on painted and unpainted metals. For example: metal siding, storage doors, metal roofs, garage doors, anodized aluminum, curtain wall, tractors, equipment, copper gutters, copper roofs, metal buildings, and more!

Why choose Everbrite Protective Coating?

  • Clear coating. Will restore & protect any color.
  • Restores faded, oxidized surfaces to look new again.
  • Provides Long-term protection from corrosion, oxidation, rust, tarnish and fading and can be maintained indefinitely.
  • Easy to apply – Self Leveling – Easily re-coated.
  • There is no mixing and no waste.
  • Extremely durable, scratch and abrasion resistant.
  • Will not chip, crack, peel or yellow when applied as directed.
  • Protects from U.V. rays, salt water, salt air, chlorine, acid rain, bleach, bird droppings, mildew, etc.  
  • Use for interior or exterior metal.
  • Will bond to itself - no sanding or priming needed to apply or reapply.
  • The dry, cured film is Non-Toxic and is Safe for Food Contact.

Everbrite can be easily applied to a clean surface with a sponge brush, clearcoat applicator pad, natural brush, a pad made of lint-free cloth or can be sprayed on with a paint sprayer or an air brush. For more facts and questions, please click visit our FAQ page.

We also have ProtectaClear Coating available for metals that get a lot of use like copper sinks, copper counters, stainless steel sculptures, jewelry, wheels, automotive trim and more.

If you would like to compare the two types of coatings, you can visit our Which Clear Coating Do I Need Page.

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